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I have nothing to sell you. Nothing here that is “new”. I invite you to set aside your spiritual concepts and second-hand knowledge, that you may abide wholeheartedly in the fullness of your own true Self.  – Shambo ~ Mark

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On Desire & Its Antidote of Gratitude

~ January 8, 2024

Let us speak on desire. Desire is neither good nor bad. Let us not think in these terms of moral polarity much longer. For a thing is either helpful, life enhancing to one’s true nature of peace and harmony or it is not.

It sustains and nurtures life or it invites death and decay. This is the weight of measure we should ascribe to our human tendencies which when out of balance can cause us and others much hurt and suffering.

Desire is a want. By its very nature it implies we do not have the object of desire and affection and that we wish to possess this object somehow. It is in actuality a very weak and troublesome attractor pattern and although it can feel very strong at times, in reality it is not.

Its whole singular power rests upon illusion. This illusion plainly stated is this: I have not therefore I want. And the second part of that erroneous belief is that the wanting will bring us closer to having.

Both ideas are not true nor rooted in reality. But believed in, they form the vicious cycle that keeps us trapped in desire (which in actuality pushes things away) and also gives birth to the ensuing frustration of not getting that which we have desired.

When we do not recognize and abide in our wholeness we will always be desiring something. A person, an ideal partner or relationship, a better state of mind, more money, a better job, security, etcetera. That list can grow and grow and usually it does. As a matter of fact it’s often the fuel for a lifetime of frustration and sorrow.

The antidote to desire is gratitude. When we truly appreciate and focus on all that we have and already are, we naturally radiate from our wholeness of being an energy that attracts everything we need that will truly make us happy and content.

The mind argues and says without wanting I will not have. The pure heart says rest here in gratitude while I orchestrate the entire universe for you.

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Shambo ~ Mark D. Hulett is an American born spiritual teacher and nature enthusiast from Southwest Georgia who freely shares his own experience of spiritual awakening, conscious living, Self-discovery and recovery from addiction.