Conscious Living

I have nothing to sell you. Nothing here that is “new”. I invite you to set aside your spiritual concepts and second-hand knowledge, that you may abide wholeheartedly in the fullness of your own true Self.  – Shambo ~ Mark

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On Falling In love and Being Love

If you’ve ever fallen deeply in love, and who among us hasn’t? You would know that your whole perception of the world suddenly shifts to a much higher vibrational plane. You begin to see perfection in everything. Not that problems and challenges don’t still exist but our focus and inner resolve to love and to be kind takes precedence naturally.

With this rediscovery of our own core of innocence and beingness we are much better equipped to meet the challenges of each new day with optimism and lovingkindness. It’s not so much that the outer world has changed so much but that our perception has shifted to a much higher plane.   

I am here to remind you that you need not continue seeking this transitory experience of falling in love via an outward relationship with the seeming other. This profound shift in consciousness is possible when we begin to love our own essence of divinity in a benign way that unlocks our natural essence as beautiful being. 

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Shambo ~ Mark D. Hulett is an American born spiritual teacher and nature enthusiast from Southwest Georgia who freely shares his own experience of spiritual awakening, conscious living, Self-discovery and recovery from addiction.