Conscious Living

I have nothing to sell you. Nothing here that is “new”. I invite you to set aside your spiritual concepts and second-hand knowledge, that you may abide wholeheartedly in the fullness of your own true Self.  – Shambo ~ Mark

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Relationships Are The Laboratory of The Soul

~ January 19, 2024

Relationships are the laboratory of the soul. Yet we approach them in a thousand ways that prevent their intended alchemy from truly transforming us into more conscious, whole and loving beings.

In this knowing I’ve laid my heart open to many a stranger, not because I trusted “them” but because I trusted love.

More often than not it crucified me terribly. But what a blessing because it always pushed me closer to what was real and would never die.

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Shambo ~ Mark D. Hulett is an American born spiritual teacher and nature enthusiast from Southwest Georgia who freely shares his own experience of spiritual awakening, conscious living, Self-discovery and recovery from addiction.