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I have nothing to sell you. Nothing here that is “new”. I invite you to set aside your spiritual concepts and second-hand knowledge, that you may abide wholeheartedly in the fullness of your own true Self.  – Shambo ~ Mark

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The Heart’s Longing For The Divine Father & Mother

~ January 5, 2024

Whether man, woman, boy or girl, the element of the human heart longs for the divine father as well as the divine mother. For this world of duality is made manifest by the unseen forces and inherent polarity that exists between the two.

In Father, a strength personified that is immutable. An uncompromising rock-like truth within. It wavers not in the moment of compromise and doubt. It is unshaken upon the shores of truth and wisdom. It endures and never grows faint of its overshadowing, unfailing protection and guidance.

In Mother, an incomprehensible, authentic beauty that springs from mysterious ethers. A comforting, nurturing spirit whose compassionate love has power to bind up and soothe every wound of the soul. Her devotion to love itself ensures she is ever present and her care is always measured in wisdom and grace.

She is more lovely in all her ways than the grandest of flowers. She withers not in drought, nor do her petals toil with time. Ever blooming she is, with her fragrance of eternal love. For her womb gives birth to all. Even the mightiest amongst mortals must be born from her.

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Shambo ~ Mark D. Hulett is an American born spiritual teacher and nature enthusiast from Southwest Georgia who freely shares his own experience of spiritual awakening, conscious living, Self-discovery and recovery from addiction.